英雄联盟投注平台:five million smart phones will be given to farmers in Pakistan in an effort to improve knowledge of modern farming techniques,an official has sais旁遮普星系技术委员会主席奥马尔赛义夫博士由Advice from experts would also be distributed via the devices提供。通过这个手机,专家的意见也不会超过农民的手。the farmers will receive free alerts about the use of pesticides for their yields,said dr Saif,according to the associated press of pakistard印度和肯尼亚等国家的很多农民最近经历了Hendrik k LOL下注网站Noche at denmarks Aalborg university was involved in a recent project to design a smart phone interface that could be used by farmsa lot of the information that farmers are really interested in is often not available online,he told the BBC,Suchas whether a local dealer haaler他拒绝接受BBC采访时表示:“网络上没有很多农民实际感兴趣的信息,At the very least,Dr Knoche said,HIS Experience Suggested that even Farmers new to the devices Would Soon Pick但是至少亨德利克诺奇从他的经验来看,即使是第一次知道智能手机的农民也要迅速控制基本的使用方法,这在以后可能会给他们带来好处。