英雄联盟投注平台_Wechat,one of the worlds most popular mobile apps and social networks,brought home iF gold award for its smart retail innovation,scan这是第一个获得if service design category奖的中国产品。Established in 1953,the german-based iF design award has always been known for its independent,rigorous and reliable standards.scan go enables shoppers at retail stores to turn their mobile phone into a virtual check out counter。购买微信扫码后,零售店顾客可以将手机变成虚拟世界的收银台。When shopping,customers use their mobile phones to scan product barcodes,view product information,get discounts,complete set顾客购物时可以用手机扫描商品条形码,确认商品信息,提供折扣,完成自己的结帐。

This concept shows a customer-centric scan-and-go-solution for an optimized shopping and“这个概念是优化的购物和“all parameters of the good user experience are met in this service design,including touchless access,Efficiency or ease-”“该服务设计满足更好的用户体验的所有参数,并在餐厅商品扫描和最终结算时包含零识别终端、效率或可操作性。这是最好的用户友好关系设计。”iF设计金奖评委表示,他因判断微信扫描码而获得金奖。


According to statistics,sales during peak hours in traditional super markets account for 60% of total turn over,And on average customers通过微信扫描购买,顾客不必再排队,退房时间可以延长一分钟。。