【英雄联盟投注平台】a Florida man is arguing he created the iphone and the ipad,and wants apple to pay him $ 10 billion for stealing his idea。美国佛罗里达州一名男子最近驳回了对苹果的诉讼,他主张iphone和ipad都是来自他的革新。Thomas Ross,the irate inventor,is suing the tech giant,Citing his sketches from 1992 as evidence that he was the revolutionary genius一位名叫托马斯罗斯的愤怒发明家正在驳回对技术巨头苹果公司的诉讼,他拿走了1992年的手绘图纸,证明发明家iphone的天才不是史蒂夫乔布斯,而是他自己。The drawings,which were sketched 15 years before the iphones debut in 2007,bear some resemblance to apples device;Its a rectangle with a screen on it。

“by those standards,Ross could have also claimed to have invented the kindle,the personal digital asses”图形中的矩形设备具有与苹果产品相似的屏幕。根据这些标准,罗斯可以声称自己发明了Kindle、个人数据辅助设备和任天堂DS游戏机。Ross pitched these as electronic reading devices in his 1992 patent request,which was abandoned in 1995 after he failed to pay the application feedThe device,constituting the invention,is a computerized,电子阅读设备,The purpose of which is to provide an alterrized这位发明家用电脑处置的电子读者设备代替书籍、杂志、手稿、媒体等纸质印刷媒体,罗斯在专利申请书中写道。The lawsuit,uncovered by MAC rumors,Claimed his idea was the original . hes demanding apple destroy all copies and knock-offs that the compors罗斯在著名的苹果论坛MacRumors上提起诉讼:In March 2015,Ross Sent A Cease and Desist Demand to Apple Ceo Tim Cook,Claiming the company Has been Stealing His Design法庭文件显示,苹果的律师恢复罗斯的律师表示,苹果对他拒绝赔偿感到疑惑。


苹果的法律顾问杰弗里拉斯科就此写道,对苹果的赔偿证据没有根据,几乎不现实。Ross claims apple has caused him great And irreparable injury that cannot fully be compensated or measured in money,And is asking for more than罗斯声称苹果对自己造成了不可挽回的损失,他拒绝苹果赔偿100亿美元,并在今后的销售收入中除以1.5%。